What is No Greater Love?

The Catholic and Christian  communities of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Gainesville are putting together a music and arts festival to benefit Christians at risk in the Middle East. This event will take place Saturday March 4, 2017 at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine, FL. The event will last all day, and will feature a performance by Christian singer/songwriter Audrey Assad. The event is expected to draw 1000+ people, and will include a variety of food trucks. St. Augustine is also hosting the Seafood Festival this weekend, which will greatly increase incidental foot traffic. Last year the Seafood Festival attracted over 22,000 people.


Booths will need to be reserved by February 1, 2017 and cost cost $100 dollars. Reservations after that time cost $125. Vendors will keep 100% of their proceeds. Vendors will be expected to provide any tents and tables that they desire to use and to staff those tables.

Set Up and Take Down

Vendor set up will be between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11 AM. As of 11 AM all vendor vehicles need to be off the field and moved to the provided parking lot on a first come first serve basis. We will not provide any carts or dollies, nor will we provide a shipping and receiving department. The field will be lit at night, but vendors will need to provide any in-tent lighting that they desire. Electrical 120 Volt lighting and utility outlets can be provided upon request. No wi-fi will be provided. Scheduled festival activities will end at 10:00 PM, but vendor sales can continue until 10:30 PM. Vendors can leave at any time they choose. All guests will be off the field and vendors can access the field by car at 11:00 PM. Personal dollies and carts are encouraged.

Special Considerations

Though this event is open to people of all religions, it is geared towards a primarily Catholic/Christian audience. With that in mind, we require that all vendors be respectful of the religious beliefs present, and refrain from selling or advertising  any merchandise or service that might be seen as offensive or anti-religious. There will be approximately a one hour pause between 3 PM – 4PM where all activities (including those of vendors) will be suspended for Mass* to be celebrated. After that time, all activities will resume as normal.

Insurance Requirements

All vendors need to provide proof of General liability insurance.  If you don’t already have that insurance, it’s no problem. The insurance can be purchased in about 10 minutes through our website for $45. Further information about requirements and submission of insurance policies is available by clicking the “Sign Up” button below.